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Creating a personal brand has been somewhat of a challenge for me.

Creating a company brand has been a challenge.

In short, branding is just tough.

I have a hard time deciding which way to go with it, maybe you can help me out.

There are a few options here that I’m considering-


The “Mature Brand”

This is the way I originally envisioned my company and brand. More of an agency site “feel”. I didn’t necessarily want all of the official agency organization and headache that comes with it, but I wanted the site to appeal to clients with a larger budget that might not otherwise trust one dude with their work. It would show pictures of staff (me, my prospector/strategist, my writers, etc).

It would show some impressive logos and brands that I’ve worked with.

It would be professional, mixed with a little bit of casual humor. Just the right mix.



The “One Man Band Brand”


A personal brand, if you will. This is appealing because it allows you to be authentic, without having to resort to industry jargon and broad statements. You can just be yourself, and it will bode well with some.

People who are turned off by this are just not your target audience.

I like how casual it could be and I feel like you’re more approachable. No red tape, getting the “ok” from superiors, no nonsense. You call me up, give me money, I rock and roll.


The other question in all of this is services offered. On my website, this is the first thing people see.



I felt good about creating it this way, but there are after all, TWO choices. I feel like this may lead users to be a bit confused as to what they want and NEED.

“What’s the difference?”, they might ask. Don’t I need both?

It’s entirely possible that I’m overthinking this and there are bigger fish to fry. Don’t worry, I’m stewing about all of those decisions too 🙂

There seems to be a pattern there.

I’ve pivoted quite a few times already in my short run on my own. Becoming a niche SEO company, doing affiliate stuff, pay per lead, and too many other ideas that didn’t crystallize. I’m sure there will be other pivots as well, and I welcome them.

But right now, the main one I’ve been considering is honing in on just link-building. Be the “link-building guy” in my area. If I can create some buzz around a specific aspect of SEO and knock their socks off, I feel like referrals are inevitable. If you’re a jack of all trades, there’s not as much of a wow factor to me.


All in all, I’m extremely happy with where I’m at. I’m obviously stoked about building a business and getting new clients, but since last December, I went from $0 dollars in a brand new business account to making just over $56,000 so far this year. I’ve done freelance stuff, recurring SEO work, design, link-building, and even freelance writing. It’s been a heck of a ride so far.



I can’t pretend that I have all the answers or say that I’ve gotten here on my own. If my wife weren’t 100% on board and supportive of me quitting (a great job), I wouldn’t have done it. That’s all there is to it.

Honestly, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world, either. I’m someone who can find a way to be happy where I’m at- though I can’t imagine having the commute, co-worker drama, and having to beg for raises now that I’ve experienced this.

My wife has been perfectly supportive, even when I occasionally work on Saturdays and evenings. Without that rock-solid foundation, it all falls apart.

I also owe a lot to Dan Ray’s facebook group, which is made up of some of the greatest people I’ve… never actually met. They do care if you succeed and freely give advice that others could charge for.

There are a ton of things to be grateful for, so instead of charging ahead and moaning my perceived lack of growth, I wanted to take a moment and just think of how well I have it.

Because I have it pretty dang good.