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The Chinese have a nice saying that has probably changed a million times and ruined by stupid Westerners like me, but it’s essentially:

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”



I grew up on a farm and I tried it a million times when I was little. We had a pet rabbit named “Purple” (named by a 5 year-old) that got loose and ran around the farmyard. We were surprised when we saw baby bunnies soon running around wild as well.

Purple found a friend 🙂

We set some elaborate traps with laundry hampers and sticks, which I’m sure my mother was thrilled about.

Other times, we would spy a group of them around the corner of the barn and burst in guns blazing to catch one. They’d scatter and us kids would be running in every direction, diving around, and probably looking like one of those slapstick comedy routines with high-pitched piano music in the background.

Some things don’t change.

In online marketing, we see rabbits all over that we want to catch.

The rabbit of social media.

The rabbit of link-building.

The rabbit of PPC.

The rabbit of SEO.

The rabbit of Pay per Lead.

The rabbit of Rank and Rent.

The rabbit of Monetizing a Blog.

The rabbit of Online Courses.

The rabbit of Local SEO.

The rabbit of Youtube and video marketing.

They scatter.

They’re elusive.

And those little guys are fast!



If we don’t go with our first impulse, to run in there trying to catch every rabbit, we’ll have a much better chance of catching one.

And even if you catch one, it take a while to tame it down.

I’ve gotten so many scars on my arms from those things. Who knew baby rabbits had such sharp claws?

So when you’re trying to choose a rabbit to catch, it matters less which rabbit it is, more upon making the initial choice and working to seize it once and for all.

I you are feeling overwhelmed, get some help deciding and carrying it out.

Because once you catch one, you’ll feel amazing and be able to focus on the next one.

And maybe, just like Purple, it will have babies 🙂