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Cheetahs suck.

Lions suck.

Hyenas suck.

Leopards suck.


Why am I hating on African animals? Well I’m not, I actually love them.

I’m a nature documentary-aholic. Ask my wife.

I may have a problem.

But I was fascinated to learn that these animals only actually make a kill 1-3 in 10 tries.

Each time they attempt to get a meal, they only have 10-30% chance of actually eating.




Maybe you do the same thing.

You have the same opportunities as everyone else but you don’t make the most of it. You either don’t put in the effort or give up too quickly. You assume that there’s some secret to achieving success.

And you end up hungry.



african wild dogs


Well, I’m here to tell you there ARE secrets. I’m going to give you the secrets of the African Wild Dog, the most successful predator in Africa.

They aren’t as strong as a lion.

They aren’t as athletic as a leopard.

They aren’t nearly as fast as a cheetah.

So why do they eat 8/10 times when the others are successful less than half of that rate?

Here’s why:

Dog Fact #1: Perseverance

These dogs don’t rely on stalking or a quick sprints to make the kill. They run after their prey for miles if needed. Unfortunately, sometimes we give up after a few steps.

The power of persistence.

Dog Fact #2: Support

One dog doesn’t make the kill. They couldn’t take down a wildebeest even if they wanted to. They lean on others for help and work together as a team. Sure, you might be a freelancer or a one-man show. But remember, there are a million and one ways to find support and advice from your peers.

Facebook groups are where I get answers to even the toughest of situations and questions, especially for link building. We’re all in this together.

And if someone tells you your question is dumb or refuses to help you, they’re just a wussy leopard.

Maybe successful, but lonely and pathetic.

Dog Fact #3: Giving Back

Most predators subscribe to the “strongest eat first” mentality. It serves them fine for their purposes, but Wild Dogs are just the opposite. They let each member of the pack eat their fill, even (and especially) the sick, old, and pups.

Don’t get discouraged by all those who seem to have it “made”.

Keep improving and helping those who are getting started.

You’ll make the kill.

And you’ll get your fill.

Next time you see a motivational quote with a lion on it, you should say to yourself,


Be a freaking Wild Dog!



Day 1 Stats:


  • woke up at 4:44 am, exercised, got to work by 5:30
  • fixed some formatting on the site
  • started list of local PR Agencies
  • published 6 blog posts
  • checked and responded to a three string email chain to local businesses for links on behalf of a client (mailshake is simple, but awesome!). Got a 27% open rate and 16% response rate for the first email
  • wrote an article for Huffington Post
  • Finished accountability sheet with partner
  • Built one link for law client, it’s live!