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I didn’t write for a couple days because I went to a family reunion in Utah.

I debated whether I should leave my business, especially right now while I’m pushing so hard.

I had a hard time believing it wouldn’t impact this week negatively and take a while to get back in the swing of things.

In the end, I felt like family is what’s most important. How silly would it be that I am pushing so hard in business to take care of and have plenty of money for my family, then decide not to see my family when the chance comes?

When I thought about it in that way, the decision was easy.


I have a few relatives who have made really great business decisions and have become well-off. All in different industries, too.

You might call the 1%-ers.

In general, they get a bad rap. Especially the self-made 1%. Shouldn’t we all be trying our hardest to join them? It seems like our political and social system either idolizes or spurns those that are the most successful. Usually the latter.

They’ve reached a point where their families are taken care of and can then be generous with the rest.

This is the goal.

It gives me hope going forward that I’ll be able to do the same thing.

I did a quick search to see what the 1% makes in my state per year.



Immediately that becomes “the number”.

My number.

A couple calculations later and I land at the figure of $23,333 per month.

In this industry, it’s all about monthly income.

After a brief moment of excitement, this number seems like an impossibility. The self-defeating thoughts took hold.

See how that fast that happened?

One moment I could be stoked, driven to succeed and with a clear goal and direction.

The next, depression.

I don’t think I’m the only one to have these feelings, either. In truth, it seems to come with the territory.

So my next step is to break that figure into something manageable.

My goal right now is to get to 15k. But even that seems strangely illusive.

Even more manageable.

By August 21, I want to have closed one deal.

That’s it.

I can handle just going after a single deal, right? That doesn’t sound too scary.

Chasing one thing at a time, now there’s a real goal

Each thing we accomplish might just be 1% of our overall goal.

But as we continue to achieve this, we can eventually be welcomed into the 1%.


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Day 10:

  • Back to waking up at 4:45 am is hard! But I did it, and forced myself not to nap this afternoon. That means that the the chances are good that I’ll sleep well tonight and be refreshed in the morning.
  • Set up a system for reaching out for more biz
    • 50 new prospects a day via linkedin
    • send out feeler email once a week to the new prospects, this way I will always have leads (cold or not)
    • line in the water!
  • Looking to automate more and more of my business so I can focus on getting new clients on board- creating a system that I can potentially take myself out of- and would still run
  • Set a facebook ad campaign live for a potential client. I decided not to pursue fb ads for now and focus on link-building, but I already committed to running it for him, so I’m grudgingly keeping the commitment. I guess we’ll see how it turns out

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