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Since I don’t work on Sunday, I wrote down some stats from this week yesterday and set it to go live today.

Days I woke up at 4:45- 6/7 (86%)

I got up on Friday but went back to bed, tsk tsk.

Emails sent: 912

The First 742 were to all my contacts, just a feeler email to give them an update on what I’m doing and to see if there was an opportunity to work together. I got an 86% open rate but only a 2.7% reply rate. I kind of figured it would be low- most of these people are still pretty young, family members, or old friends.

The next campaign was 170 more targeted emails. On this one I got a 61% open rate and a 2.4% reply rate, though this was just the first of a three email chain.



Links built: 4

Money made on Fiverr this week: $205

People are a bit flabbergasted that I still sell on fiverr. The truth is, I only offer things that will make me close to $50 an hour, which I’ll take any day. It’s easy to work into my schedule and I give myself plenty of time to complete the gigs. I write articles for specialty niches and post guest blogs that literally take me less than 10 minutes. When I set up fiverr I didn’t expect to still be on it six months later, but I raised my prices by 150% and people are surprisingly happy to pay higher prices when you’re specialized. Funny thing is, I raised my prices so that only really serious buyers would take up my time, but the orders haven’t gone down. I’m just making a lot more! I’ll continue this until I no longer have the time. Either that or I’ll find another specialized writer and split the gig profits.

Keywords that got onto the first page of Google: 1

And it was a big one. I have been working on this site for 6 months now, and it was frustrating to see lack of progress using techniques that have worked for many other clients. But low and behold, Google just couldn’t resist the tantalizing site that I’ve been building links to 🙂

Hours spent driving: 17

I went to a family reunion in Utah on Monday and came back Tuesday. I’m glad that I was able to attend, but it was quite a bit of driving for such a small amount of time to spend with family. I regret nothing!



Naps taken: 0

I usually struggle from the hours of about 1:00-3:00 productivity-wise. I’m often tempted to take a nap, but I don’t fully trust myself to get up when I should. A three hour nap would absolutely destroy my sleep that night, making it difficult to get up early, starting a bad cycle. Better not to unless I’m fully committed. Boom.

Mosquito Bites: 40+

We went fishing on Friday night, which was a great idea. We stayed past dark, which was a bad idea. That’s when the miniature buzzing devils come out to play. I hadn’t seen any all night, so I didn’t put on repellent (It smells bad!). But another lesson learned. My legs are on fire as I write this.



But it’s always worth it if you catch fish. Nice one, dad.

Song listened to the most this week: “Hold On” by Good Charlotte

How ready I am to dominate next week: 100%