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Three days in.

It feels like it has been 3 weeks, honestly.

Before I dive into reciprocal links, I want to share a few things about the challenge so far.

I’ve been getting up before 5:00 am each day, and it has been amazing. Today I got two reports done before I would have normally even woke up!

The feeling of getting out of bed in what seems to be the middle of the night is pretty bad, but the feeling of accomplishment that I’ve felt during that time is soooo worth it.

My mind works really well during that time.

I’m not distracted and can focus on getting one thing accomplished after the other.

Afternoons, on the other hand, have not been my friend.



Now, on to Reciprocal Links.

I was taught on the first day as an SEO that reciprocal links were bad.

They offer no value, they said.

They show search engines that you’re working together by linking to each other.

But as I was going over all the local businesses who were competitors to my clients (and outranking them by the way), what did I find?

Yup, reciprocal links.


You might say, “sure, they’re around, but either they did it a long time ago (before G’s updates) or they have other links to back up their high ranking.”

But not really.

In fact, one competitor in the home services niche had TONS of them, and not much else, which begged the question, is what I was taught wrong?



The answer is no.

I’m not going that far.

But I do think there is some inherent value for businesses to show local prominence.

An obvious connection is much better than a fake listing and social bookmarks, right?

Not to mention, one that brings real and qualified traffic?

Forget about it.

Google doesn’t seem to care as much about reciprocal linking as I once thought.

If I were to go crazy and get hundreds of them, that would be a different story, but give me two competitors in the same niche with the same links but one has a few reciprocals in there, I’m betting on the latter.

They’ll outrank the other, I’ve seen it.

Of course I’m only speaking of local businesses, there might be others where it would be more of a foible.

But SEO’s won’t admit it.

Don’t tell me that if I get a link from that it won’t have any value because of all the times I’ve linked to Moz in the past.

Surely it’s better to have an established (and obvious) relationship with another local business than trying to game the system with crappy guest posts, right?

But yet that’s what we do.

We search far and wide for easy opportunities to get above a DA 30 (LOL).

Don’t get me started on using DA as the end all be all, either.

If a link is relevant, it’s a good link.

That’s all there is to it.

Don’t go crazy with any of this, but a smattering of reciprocal links are natural and good.

What do you think of reciprocal linking?


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Day 3:

  • finished two monthly reports
  • fixed blog theme for agency website
  • formed plan of attack for email outreach campaign
  • made an awesome new connection with a blog owner that runs multiple sites that will let me post there as often as I want
  • wrote two 1000 word guest blog posts
  • set plan in motion for agency blog content
  • 0 emails sent out- I need to get over the hesitation of not having a perfectly crafted email and follow up system in place

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _