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Meetings missed: 3

They all knew that the baby was coming, but it still hurts to delay a meeting that could get you more business. Oh well, rescheduling isn’t the end of the world.

New Clients: 0

It has been harder than I thought to close deals. I’ve always been good once I actually got on the phone with someone. The hardest part was getting the qualified leads in the first place. Had a call for a $500/mo service and one for $1000- one is “getting back to me” (fart noise), and the other is going to focus their efforts on other stuff. (More fart noise)

Times our baby has cried: 0

She does these little grunts and squeals but never full-on cries. I think we made a good baby.

Average sleep: 3.5 hours/night

My wife doesn’t wake me up every time the baby needs to feed, but I wake up anyway. I’ve never been a very good sleeper, so when there’s a lamp on or movement I automatically wake up.

Can I get a pound?