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I don’t work on Sundays so I wrote this yesterday and set it live today.

It has been officially one week since I started this challenge.

Instead of trying to make some point or talk about motivation, I’ll just share some stats with you and give a short explanation.

Average hours worked per weekday: 10.8

This is a massive jump from before due to waking up earlier. It’s also been more productive because of less distractions.

Emails sent so far: 0



I got 750 “softies” set to go out on Tuesday through Mailshake.

Right now my strategy is mostly having to due with LinkedIn. I’m testing out a system to try to get some more consistent leads for my link-building side of the biz.



Percentage time spent on current clients: 65%

Times listened to “Hold on” by Good Charlotte: 97 (really)


One way that I’ve found to get into a work rhythm is to put a song on repeat. If there’s tons of different songs playing it distracts me with all the varying lyrics, beats, and flow. Sometimes hours pass without me even realizing it.

Average time waking up: 4:47 am

I have my alarm set for 4:44, but one day I clicked snooze so that made the average go up.

Weights lifted: ~15200 lbs

It sounds like a lot but that’s actually not that many reps on a daily basis. The main reason I lift in the morning is because after like 5 minutes I’m fully awake and ready to take on the day. Not to mention, I got to kill two birds with one stone by listening to a podcast as well.

Links built: 8

Almost all were guest posts or sponsored posts, with the exception of another company doing a quick targeted link swap with me.

Glasses bought: 1



My wife works at an optometrist office so I got tested and it turns out I’m a little near-sighted. I stood outside the office for 20 minutes reveling in the details of the leaves past about 30 feet that I’d never been able to see before. I had pretty good vision before, but this slight change in sight blew me away.

Recurring revenue added: $0

Getting clients is just hard. It becomes even more difficult when you’re on your own and already have other clients to manage. I can’t complain though, all the clients I currently have are standup people, pay their invoices, and have good expectations.

Omelettes eaten this week: 5

This is my go-to breakfast meal. 2 eggs, whipped together, a couple strips of bacon, spinach, and cheese, folded over. It keeps me full longer than most other things and is pretty healthy as well. I need to get a better plan for lunches though, it was pretty sporadic this week (including an unfortunate visit it Taco Bell).

Goal for next week: get some sort of baseline conversion rate down.

I have a bunch of emails going out, so I’d like to track open rate, link clicks within the text, replies, calls, and sales obviously. This will tell me how many prospects I need to email in order to get a new client. After that, it’s all about increasing efficiency with my processes and selling.

If you know your conversion rate for cold email, put it in the comments.