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I read a disturbing study the other day about how many hours typical employees actually work during the day.

It’s about 3.

3 hours.


The reason this is so disturbing to me is that if I decide to build an agency in the future, this is the output I can expect. And I’m paying them for 8 hours a day!


Time to focus on me, though.

I have a lot to work on myself, especially if I’m going to more than double my business in 90 days.

I have gotten bad at engaging in activities that can only be classified as “productivity killers”. I created a plan to combat the evils of distraction.

Hopefully this list will help you identify and correct these same habits 🙂

Productivity Killer: Facebook

It’s not feasible for me to delete facebook. It’s too valuable for actual business opportunities. Prospecting and chatting with potential clients, mastermind/SEO groups, etc. My main distraction, however, was family and friends’ posts. New babies, memories, politically charged posts that I want to troll so bad, that kind of thing.

So to eliminate that, I separated my personal fb account from a business one. I still have the app, but it’s only logged into the business account.

Then at night or after work I can spend all the time I want watching fail videos.

Those are the best.

Productivity Killer: Email

Email is a necessary evil. So much good happens over email- new clients, outreach, legitimate questions, etc.

Then there’s everything else. Subscriptions, newsletters, client emails that aren’t urgent, etc. These are extremely tempting for me because I have always wanted to be 137% responsive and quickly reply to everything. The problem is: every time I see a new email, it distracts me from what I’m currently working on.

It takes me away from something else, usually a more important something else.

So what I’m going to do is silence my phone and not have the email tab open on my browser unless it’s during designated “email time”. First thing in the morning and after lunch.

That’s it.

Productivity Killer: Netflix

There’s really no excuse for this one. There’s no possible way I can keep my attention on work if there’s a show on on one of my screens.

It’s a killer.

My goal is to keep it off for 90 days during the workday.

As in 0%.

Productivity Killer: Reading News, Political Stuff

Yeah, Donald Trump did something.

But unless he nukes someone, I probably don’t need an update on every little thing that comes out of his mouth or into his twitter feed.

The cure for this is simple. Shut’er down.

No more apple news notifications.

No more personal facebook during work.

Boom… Roasted.

Productivity Killer: Podcasts

I love podcasts. There are a couple that I listen to every single day.

But I can’t listen to a good podcast and work at the same time.

I’m ADD enough as it is!

So what I’ll have to do is listen to my favorite one while I’m exercising in the morning. The other?



Productivity Killer: Checking Rankings

This is a MAJOR temptation for me.

Just the other day I noticed a major downturn in rankings for an important keyword, which led me to realize my site had been negative SEO’d.

So it’s a good thing, but only needs to be looked at once a day at most.

Yes, it’s important to check rankings.

But it’s more important to actually do work to improve them.

See how that works?

social media

Productivity Killer: Phone- texts from wife, apps, snapchat, fiverr

I’m having a conversation with my wife tonight about this challenge.

I need her on board.

It will be crucial to have her on board, especially because she’s 8 months pregnant and has a lot of needs right now.

Here’s the deal.

I wake up early, give her a kiss before she heads to work, text her at lunch, and I’m done when she gets back around 5:30. Between those hours, if she wants to call or text, she’ll realize that I’ll only check my texts and other messages during lunch.

Everything is on Do Not Disturb.

When she gets home, I’m all hers.

Talk about the day.

Tidy up the house.

Hang out.


Let me know if there’s anything I missed.

What are your best productivity hacks? List ‘em in the comments!