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I have some pretty lofty goals.

I know most of you do as well.

It’s important to define exactly what they are.

Once you know that, you can make a plan to get there.



For example, I’m fat.

I need to lose well over 40 lbs.

I’d prefer not to wait much longer to start the process.

This is a huge goal, no pun intended, but without the initial excitement backed up with a plan, it won’t happen. In fact, I know it won’t.

The reason?

I’ve failed to make these habits stick for far too long.

I’ll start on a whim without etching the plan in stone.

Write it down.

Progress goals, how much do I/can I lose per week?

Make it attainable.

Can I lose 20 lbs by Christmas?

That’s only .91 lbs per week.

Track the progress, make changes to the goal if it is too easy.



Going Big” is a Mistake

This sounds counter-intuitive, but I’ve found that my focus has been enhanced by elimination.

Eliminate notifications.

Eliminate subscriptions.

Eliminate apps.

Eliminate most side projects.

Recently, this process of elimination led me to:

  • Move multiple sites to “maintenance mode” indefinitely
  • Unsubscribe to my favorite political sites on fb
  • Remove myself from fb groups that I’m not directly involved with
  • Cancel a few goals that distracted me from my overall goal
  • Ditch a few services that I currently offer
  • Outsource more to my VA so I have more time for clients, outreach

This has increased my clarity 110%. I know exactly what I’m working toward every single day. I have a purpose for every action and anything that distracts me is immediately GONE-ZO.

So instead of GOING BIG and running in every direction, go small.

You’ll thank me later.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Day 12:

  • Today sucked efficiency-wise
  • Productivity was down because I didn’t have a firm plan in place- I normally have so many things to choose from because of how busy I am, but waking up earlier has given me wayyyyy more time to focus on things other than client work
  • It’s a good problem to have (100% caught up on client work)
  • Woke up early, but retreated to bed when my schedule looked open 🙁
    • BAD!
  • Had accountability call with an awesome guy in my industry. We get each other pumped to accomplish our goals for the following week and razz the other when we fail at something. It’s fun.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _