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Hi, my name is Dan Merlon. I’m a SEO guy, a link-builder, and an insomniac (I think those go together, unfortunately).

I have tried out thousands of different ways to build my business, some which have been smashing successes.

Others, not so much.

As I’ve tried to push the link-building side of my biz, there’s been a lot of failures.

In fact, out of every successful campaign, there are 5-6 different ones that fail.

It hurts a little to spend all the time and get nothing in return. But this also makes it so much sweeter to receive an email like this:



This guest post went live after 7 different emails. SEVEN.

Follow up is harped on so much in this industry, but rarely do we actually take the initiative. I’m getting better at it. When I don’t hear back, my first instinct is to assume they aren’t interested.

The other hesitancy on my part is that every single site that doesn’t respond is one less link for me, as if there’s a limited amount.

It’s almost like there’s this fear that I’m going to go through the entire internet searching for links!

Anyway, the point of all of this is to prove to myself and all of you that an average joe can earn $15,000 per month, all from a laptop in my living room. The idea came from a fellow SEO dude named Gabriel Machuret who vowed to start an SEO agency in 90 days with 20k recurring revenue.

This guy is a complete nutcase, but he’s also someone I look up to a ton for his priorities, his hustle, and his quick wit.

climbing mountain

I have a few local SEO clients currently, bringing about $6,000 per month recurring, so you might say I have a head start. The majority of these clients are not under any sort of contract for the current rate, so as far as I’m concerned, this income could go away quickly.

Either way, this is going to stretch my abilities and force me to do uncomfortable things.

The best part is: you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes, foibles, and successes so that you can achieve your income goals as well.

I’ve never done anything like this and documented it all – it scares me a little, to be honest. But perhaps that means it’s a worthy goal 🙂 .

The official start date for the challenge is July 17, 2017. I’ll be documenting each day of the journey with stats, lessons learned, and everything else.

Let’s Dive in.