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In today’s online marketing climate, having haters is almost seen as a good thing, a rite of passage, if you will.

I’m constantly seeing posts of screenshots of conversations with a “hater”, followed up by some fricking stupid motivational cry for attention. Look! I have Haters! I must be the bomb diggity and  doing something right!












Taking legitimate criticism sets you apart from the wannabes that are always posting about their exploits. No one wants to hear it. Seriously.

What this world needs is people who are successful that don’t jump at every chance to flaunt it.

People who do what they do to help someone.

Not monetize the crap out of every little thing that they do.

Not people who are bragging about how many haters they have.

Why do you want haters in the first place? I understand the “any press is good press” kind of mentality, but I start to question your motives when this sort of thing becomes a regular occurrence. And honestly, that “unfollow” but becomes more and more appealing.

Now I’m going to talk a little about a different kind of hate.

The kind of hate that entrepreneurs are not receiving, but dishing out.

This kind of hate is directed at those who do the so-called 9 to 5.

Those who choose not to be entrepreneurs.

There is this inaccurate notion that on the inside, everyone wants to be entrepreneurs. They just don’t know they want it yet, or something. That because you did it, everyone can. This can be very damaging because you classify people based on their choices, some of which are more innate than conscious.

People want different things in life, and you of all people should know that.

The worst part?

You’re not just hating on people who you’ll never have interactions with, you’re actually hating on the very people that you will eventually need.

If you’re a freelancer, you’re not really an entrepreneur. Let’s get that straight. You and your time are still tied to the business 100%.

An entrepreneur builds a system that will run without you even being present. You build something that depends on loyal employees who are completely fine working a 9-5. See how that works?

There is a difference in motivating people to do what they reeeeally already want to do, and hating on people in general because they have different work and lifestyle preferences than you do.

So change your mindset on this. If not, you’ll eventually create a company that ends up like the snake that starts swallowing its own tail.

Instead of hating on those that go with the 9-5, find the very best of them and bring them on your team. They’ll work productively and for years, whereas those who are destined to be entrepreneurs make for roller coaster employees, and ones that you might end up “hating”.