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First off, thanks to those who are following along. I purposely make the posts short so you can get a little knowledge or inspiration during the day and then get back to it.

Of those that are following, the UK is edging out the USA in terms of site visits. It has been fun to interact with people from all over the world, hopefully there will be a day when I can travel and visit all these places!




Now, to the topic of the day-


Motivation to do work isn’t enough.

There has to be something deeper.

Your desire to be financially secure.

Your loved ones.

Building a booming business.

Even fame.

Something that drives you even when you don’t feel well.

Something that you can cling to.



Mine is a tiny pink boot that has been sitting on my desk next to my monitor.

A while back my wife started going through baby clothes and organizing them. Our house is COVERED in pink right now as we wait for our baby girl to come in a couple weeks.

She pulled out some shoes that looked much too small to fit a real human being. Then came a tiny pair of pink cowboy boots. A giant smile swept across my face.



Right there, that was my something.

It encapsulated everything that I was fighting for. And I can’t not work my hardest when that is there to remind me every single day.

I see it there in my peripheral a million times each day, and every time I glance at it, that same smile forms.

These objects that represent our dedication can change over time, but it’s necessary to pick something that reminds you of your reason. It could be a picture of a sports car, a picture of a family member, your dog, anything really.

As long as it drives you.


So the question becomes:

What is your pink boot?