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I’ve been smashing some of my goals.

Others, not so much.

The reason I started this 90-day challenge was to build up my business, but not much of that has taken place yet. In fact, there has even been discussions from one client to cut the budget.

It’s tough to keep being positive and productive even when the times are tough.

But what’s the other option?

There are no other options.

I went into business in order to have freedom, independence, and to build something that would support me and my family for a long time.

Once I made that choice, I could never go back.



One goal that has really transformed the way I work was the decision to wake up early each morning. It can be extremely difficult to form a new habit, but long-term good things are rarely easy.

I’ve woken up every day ay 4:45 am.

The result? Crazy productivity and a lot more time to focus on the whole point of this challenge: to get more clients.

This week I’ve sent out 32 emails. I decided to take a different approach this time. I chose to write more casually, sprinkled with some self-deprecating humor. I’ll contrast it to the last week, which was very straight-forward and professional.

Once I send out the follow-up messages I’ll report on the findings.

My hunch is that the second one was different enough that more people would venture a reply. With only one email sent to each recipient so far, I’ve gotten a 47% open rate and have had 7% reply, which is better than the other campaigns (even though it’s only ⅓ of the way done!).

I’m in the process of setting up two phone calls from all these emails that I’ve been sending.

Even though I haven’t gotten any new clients paying me tons of sweet mulah, it’s a victory.

A small one, but a victory nonetheless.

Small victories lead to bigger ones.

I have to keep this in mind until I have the money in my account. Because honestly, even one client out of all of this will make it worth all of the work. It will give me confidence that this process works. At that point I’ll be able to continue grinding and honing in on the “who” and the “what” in those messages.

I’ll take the small victories for now.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Day 15:

  • made an omlette this morning and used leftover bacon grease to fry it. Honestly that was the best thing that happened today
  • sent off 32 more emails that I gathered last week, complete with two follow ups

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