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These days we have it easy.

Online businesses especially.

We can make almost all of our connections online, sitting behind a screen. Cold calls are optional, but up until now, I haven’t felt the need to do them.

We have social sites galore, from which we can gather a plethora of interested potential clients.




Oh yeah, and that site 100% dedicated to finding business connections- LinkedIn.



Today I experienced a blast from the past- the way they used to do things.

I joined an online meetup group and physically got out of my chair and drove to Idaho Pizza in Eagle, ID to physically meet other business owners.

In person.

Yeah, it was a little weird, but I took some extremely valuable things from the short encounter, and who knows, I may become a regular there.



The first thing I realized was that there was no pressure, nothing was cold. Everyone expected you to give them your pitch and were genuinely interested in your business.

We ate some pizza and talked to the 20-ish people who were all gathered there.

We went around the tables and introduced ourselves and gave a quick pitch.

There were real estate agents, a social media marketer, a handyman, a guy who makes custom flags, insurance people, some nutritionists, and others.

All I had to do to get my business in front of my target market was go eat pizza.

And you know what?

I walked out of a pizza joint with three amazing link-building opportunities.

One person I met worked for a subsidiary of a major online magazine. We chatted for awhile and quickly it became apparent that it was a match made in heaven. We’re talking multiple guest posts and an inside track to a high authority site.

To make a long story short, the old-fashioned way takes you away from your beloved MacBook Pro, but it puts you in front of your exact target market!

I’ll be going to more of these, and knowing of my charming personality, I’m expecting some freaking amazing results from it.

Stay Tuned 🙂