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I take a break from all work-related activities on Sunday. It gives me a much needed break from the worries of running a business on my own. So I compiled a few stats yesterday and set it to go live today.

Contractions felt by wife: 0

She’s due with our first baby in a week and a half, but hasn’t felt a single contraction yet. That may seem like a blessing, but it makes me think she’ll go late. But then again, we’ve never done this before, sooo…



Emails sent: 373

Some of these were follow-up emails, which have worked pretty well so far. My reply rate goes up quite a bit, but open rate typically stays the same or worsens slightly.

Email Replies: ~20

People contacted through FB: 0

That’s next on my list. Cold email has gotten me into contact with a few people that might lead to business, but so far no direct customers from it. I’ve found ways to automate this type of outreach with VA’s prospecting and a simple CRM, but I need to up the ante a bit. It’s time to employ full “sniper mode”. Target individuals on facebook and strike up a conversation with them, asking permission to send them a SEO or Link Analysis report. Cold email outreach is like flock shooting with a shotgun.

It’s time to have a gun in both hands, baby.

Shotty and Sniper.

I just got in a Halo mood writing that last sentence.



Monthly Reports Sent: 3

Which also means I got paid by three separate clients. Always a fun time of the month. They range drastically in price range, however, from a client I spend a couple hours a month on to a client that could count me as a part-time employee 🙂

Song of the week: Right Where I Belong, by Good Charlotte. I’ve been on a kick lately. Next month it might be Simon and Garfunkel or Justin Beiber, you never can predict. (except JB was a joke, that’s just gross).



New facebook friends- like 9000, not even joking. I must have tapped into some kind of network that all wanted to add me. Lots of spam unfortunately, but lots of great contacts as well. I’ll weed out the annoying ones in time…

Deals closed- 0

I had a great conversation with a potential client that led to a chance to speak in front of 300 potential clients. I’ll be a speaker at a conference in a couple weeks, all brought to me through cold email. This company will also hopefully use my services after the conferences, $1,000 per month was discussed.

‘Til Next Week!